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Paul B. NYC

After 30 years of lifting [weights] incorrectly and 25 years of sitting at a work desk and 10 years of recurring PT issues… back… neck… this shoulder, that shoulder…, I somehow found myself under Chantall’s insightful care and tutelage and have finally found out how to use my body correctly and chip away at the damage I’ve done over the years. If we are lucky enough to discover it, we all have a gift that we excel at, and Chantall's gift is her uncanny knowledge and instinct for anatomy, and how to work it and use it to get the benefits you want and need. I’d walk into the studio and she’s look at me, and simply know what we needed to work on and I’d always walk out feeling stronger and better than when I entered. And now I’m completely f***d, and pricing homes in Santa Fe… !

-Paul B., Brooklyn, NY


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