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Movement musings & fine food

Welcome to my blog, my brain and passion

I am Chantall. I am a movement teacher with almost 20 years of teaching experience. My own movement journey is almost 49 years long, and hasn't been your traditional Pilates teacher's. I really only started moving consciously, 20 years ago. I worked hard (and it was mostly fun!) to get where I am with my own body. That will never change, since our body keeps evolving and changing and demanding different ways to get challenged and the brain needs the constant learning and re-patterning. So, our conscious movement journey will be ongoing, and should be a part of every-body's life, in my opinion.

I am passionate to spread the good word about how the body works, and how we can get ahead of pain, injury, discomfort and living a life with physical restrictions.

I also love food. I love to grow my own food, as much as possible, and I love to prepare and share food with the people, I love. Welcome to my virtual studio & table. Thank you for stopping by.

The red rocks of Sedona, AZ, are just magical. They are one of my favorite places to recharge

I am committed to write and share my thoughts, especially if we can't connect personally and in person, in my Santa Fe studio. I am sharing simple exercises that can be done anywhere, by anyone.

Thank you, for being here.

I'd love to connect, please leave me a comment, a note or questions. I hope to see you around and create an active exchange about the things you'd like me to explain/ teach/ inspire. To never miss a post, please subscribe here.


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