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The SLO CORE repertoire


Strength & flexibility

Train weird. Practicing weird stuff in a safe environment is amazing for your brain. Practicing on the floor seems daunting, but is the best way to take the fear of the floor away. It is primal, functional and heals hips and spine.



Good balance is the foundation to a good active lifestyle. Improve posture, standing upright, walking and overall sports performance with improved balance.


Pilates based

Pilates means stretch through strength. 

You're really only as flexible as you are strong. Balanced strength and muscle development is the precursor to a functional body and good alignment.


Hip health

Sitting on the earth, or very close to it, is something we are practicing in every class. I give tons of options for modifications and support, so you safely can improve your hips, knees ankles and feet. 


Functional animal

I want everyone to squat more. We will work up to a good, strong and well aligned full squat, no matter where you start. Consistency is key. 


Active rest & recovery

Checking in, feeling, allowing, integrating are important aspects of a conscious movement practice. Taking time to relax and feel is crucial. The yogis know it :)


 We take our time to feel, explore, play, work, dance, be imperfect and acknowledge. Slo to slow us down from our busy lives, and get (back) in touch with our body.


That's where the magic happens. Our core connects our head and limbs to our spine and pelvis. Core does not mean 100 crunches or sit-ups, but a deep relationship and connection of breath, hips, pelvic floor, abdominals and spine. Think corset, that includes top and bottom. Core as an essential part in community. Because we are better together.

It's a form of moving meditation, that makes you aware, capable and strong.

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