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Do you live with constant pain?

My almost 20 year experience as a movement teacher and life long seeker, evolved in my own conscious movement journey. When I moved to Santa Fe, NM and began working with a much older demographic than in NYC, it made me very aware of the patterns modern society is confined in. I realized most people lived life with physical restrictions,  managing their bodies in pain, resulting in surgeries and a rather confined life, not thriving, living in a body that serves us well, and allows us to age gracefully and independently. 

While some people are actively hiking, biking and traveling, the others are literally limping through town and barely able to cope with their day. Aging tightens joints and muscles and makes movement even more challenging, resulting in a more sedentary lifestyle. The vicious cycle has begun. 

However, there is "hope". Not just hope, but great possibility to reverse this trajectory and change the way you live your life, and thrive in your body. It takes smart & conscious movement, breath, understanding how the brain and body work and...consistency. Joints become mobile and pain vanishes. 

Through my classes I hope to offer you a new lease on life, and will help you strengthen and improve your body beyond your wildest dreams. 


Lotus Pose


Elderly Woman at Gym
Stretching Class
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