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Dance Class

Are you living YOUR BEST life?

Or is constant pain and stiffness holding you back?

I've seen in my own family how good, consistent movement could have prevented surgeries, pain and frankly, a lot of suffering. Back then, I didn't know. Exercise was not readily available or even considered to help ones lifestyle. Decades later, having taught Pilates for almost 20 years, witnessing it's transformational powers, I KNOW, the body can and will respond to conscious, deliberate, balancing exercise.

I was teaching Pilates in NYC to people my age or maybe +15 years older than me, but moving to Santa Fe, NM, presented me with a previously foreign demographic. Seniors. 70-85 year old humans is their golden age. Some might say in their last chapter if life, suffering from a lifetime of "bad habits", desk jobs or never consistently exercised their aging bodies. 


What does all the time (and money) do for you, if you're limited by pain, discomfort, insecurity walking, stiffness and fear of falling? Can you truly enjoy the things you're passionate about? Golf, dancing, traveling, hiking, gardening, playing with the grandchildren, or just getting around town?

What are you doing with all your time, if you're limited by chronic pain, discomfort, insecurity walking and life seems limited.

Join a gym? Take a yoga class? Where to start? What to do, and how to work out and not injure yourself?

The rather old paradigm of "more is more", "go hard or go home" is not suitable, beneficial or even remotely attainable for anyone but especially when you're  +60's, my clients ended up doing Pilates and saw amazing results.

For me this was a huge wake-up that came with a complete rethinking of the repertoire, modifications, adjustments, and some exercises were frankly crossed off the list, while we had to work specifically on balance and walking. 

My new clients in Santa Fe taught me very early on, that it's never too late to expect more, work hard, feel better, heal and thrive. Age is only a number and we're not defined by that.

Giving up - is not an option.

2020 happened, and I took my private business online for a year.

and that really changed what I thought possible, teaching in person for years. We got really creative, thought outside the rigid Pilates box and it worked beautifully. We saw and felt great success. When they returned to the studio, they hadn't lost strength, but they also had gained new mobility and much better floor skills. The demand for more  "of the weird stuff" was huge. The online work allowed flexibility in their travel schedule and without breaking the bank they were able to add a class or two per week.

SLO CORE was born.

And with it, the option to reach so many more bodies beyond my little studio. Affordable, flexible and no complicated equipment needed. The vision, to create a program for all people, to share out of the box and valuable information, to help empower, inspire and teach good movement for bodies that need a little special attention and to create a library of information, distilling my brilliant teachers knowledge coupled with thousands of my own teaching hours for others to learn, anywhere.

You don't need to be fit to take my classes, be a certain age, you don't have to look a certain way, you could do the class in your jammies or boxers if you wanted to. We are not about a certain look, we train for functionality, strength, agility, wellbeing, balance and lastly, being able to live your best life, in your best body. 

It is never too late to move better.

Our amazing body is self-healing and regulating and always responding to what we do, eat, think, who we are surrounding ourselves with. Consistency is key, and learning a new skill grows white brain matter. It's a win-win situation. 


You need no, to minimal equipment (a computer/ laptop/ ipad) and a 5'x7' floor space will do. If the thought of getting on on the floor, or even more so, getting back up again, frightens you, that's the sign for you to stay, and do the work. You'll feel awkward, you'll "fail", you might hurt, but I promise, it'll be fun, it'll be challenging and rewarding.

My classes range from 5-55min. Some are done sitting on a chair, some standing with assistance. The 55min classes are always a mixture of positions, and body parts in demand. You do whatever you can, no pressure to perform or fit in. I have a variety of programs  customize the experience to your needs. There's a movement repertoire for every body, even if you have trouble, getting out of bed. You just have to take the next step!

Thank you for being here and taking good care of your body.

Elderly Woman at Gym
Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

What would your life look like if your body was strong, flexible and pain free?

This program was birthed with the senior population in mind, yet is not exclusively for that demographic. If you are injured, in pain or looking to improve how your joints function with more strength and flexibility, I have a solution for you.

Untroubled serene senior woman standing with arms outstretched closed eyes smiles feels lo



Awareness is the greatest agent for change

- Eckhart Tolle

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